16 Apr 2005

28 May 2021

Type: Dog

Breed: Chihuahua

Sex: Male

dog paw

How Pickerz/Mr.Pickerz came into our lives

Pickerz came into our Lives as as my daughter wanted a puppy for her birthday, one of her school friends had a Mommy Chi- Chi that was going to have babies so I told Bekka's Mom I'd like to have one. Well when it came time to get the puppy, I thought why not just get 2, so that way they would always have each other, they were just so cute, Pickerz & Pooze!!


What was Pickerz/Mr.Pickerz like as a pet?

Pickerz was very affectionate, he loved cuddles and snuggles. Going for walks , having snacks/ treats , he was a Extremely Good Little Boy!!

Green Leaves

Our favorite memory with Pickerz/Mr.Pickerz

One of my favorite memories is when we would take Pickerz & Pooze up to Renzie Park and we would let them off their leashes and they would run around in the enclosed old tennis court and have a blast. They would chase my daughter and have so much fun. When we were done we would get back in the car, & go to McDonalds, they would have their fav, Chicken Nuggets & Ice Water.


What were Pickerz/Mr.Pickerz's favorite activities?

He loved listening to Celtic Music especially Celtic Thunder, they were one of his fav bands. I would wrap him in his Blankie, rock & hold him like a baby while he listened to them. he also liked Latin music we would dance with them. They had their own tv and he Loves watching Disney channel

Final words for Pickerz/Mr.Pickerz

Pick-Pick, i miss you soooo much your sweet kind little face. I hope your having fun with Lily & Peanut. We all Love & Miss you especially Pooze, he doesn't understand were you went so I explain to him each day that you needed to go because you were not going to get better. BIG HUGS & KISSES, we will 4EVER LOVE & MISS YOU My Sweet Boy!!

Rest In Peace Pickerz/Mr.Pickerz

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