Memorial Ideas

Pet Memorial Gifts for Kids


Grieving a lot pet can be especially hard on a child. Help a child work through their feelings and honor a lost pet with these kid-friendly projects and gifts.

Get a Custom Plushie

My Petsies is a service that will create a customized plushie that resembles your lost pet. This nighttime snuggle companion may help some young children better cope with the loss of their beloved pet


Pet Personalized Storybooks

Pet Ventures creates customized storybooks for kids featuring their very own pets.

pet puzzle

Pet-Themed Puzzle

There are a number of services that will allow you to create a custom puzzle with your pet’s image, but our favorite is Shutterfly. Choose between 60 to +1000 for standard puzzles, or smaller 12 – 30 piece puzzles for toddlers and young children.

Create a Custom Photo Book

Creating a custom photo book is a great grieving project, letting you collect photos of your pet throughout his or her life and putting them together in a book that honor’s the joy your pet has brought into your life. Kids will appreciate the grieving activity of finding all their past photos of their pet on their phones or in photo albums and choosing the very best to feature in the photo book.

Woof Blankets

Having a customized blanket featuring your beloved pet can be a great consolation for a heartbroken child. A blanket serves a great comfort, allowing a child to wrap themselves in the memory of their passed pet when they are feeling sad.

Pet Pillow

A pet pillow can serve as huggable consolation for a child dealing with the loss of a beloved pet. PawJoy pillows are custom created in your dog’s likeness, allowing a child to engage with a physical representation of a pet that can help with grieving.

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Photos and videos

Choose to upload a selection of digital memories to bring your pets story to life.

Share their journey

Tell the world about your pets life and invite friends and family to add their own personal memories.

Capture their spirit

Customise their memorial page with the choice of a background images, colors, and icons.

Never forget

Add the most cherished memories from your pets life from their sunrise to sunset.

Your pets memories, forever.

Preserve and share the memories of your favorite pets, so they live on.