31 Oct 2007

4 Mar 2020

Type: Cat

Breed: American Shorthair

Sex: Female


How Gaius came into our lives

Gaius was a Christmas present on Christmas 2007. my friend gifted her to me all wrapped up in a box. i was so suprised to open the box and find a cat inside!


What was Gaius like as a pet?

my girl Gaius is a sweetheart from her nose to her toes! she is very protective of me - she always knew when i was down, when i was sick she wouldn't leave my side., and if you came into my house with bad energy she would hiss at you! she liked to be a goof ball! she had the loudest pur of any cat i'v ever heard - it was like a v8 engine, sonetimes i would have to put her on the other side of the bed when i was sleeping, because her pur would keep me awake!

Green Leaves

Our favorite memory with Gaius

Gaius loved to hurt her favorite toy, catch it, and then cry - bringing me the toy, letting me know that she caught it for me because i'm such a bad hunter! i used to work long twelve hour days, and when i got home, i always had to go to the bathroom right away. she would run into the bathroom as soon as i got home, hop up on my lap while i was peeing, and wouldn't get up, to make sure that i was going to stick around!


What were Gaius's favorite activities?

eating, looking at the window, basking in the glorious sunshine, and playing with her sister babies! she liked to study and read books - Gaius is a super genious! she was a fierce demon hunter, the bravest the universe has ever seen! deep at heart she is a protector.


Final words for Gaius

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! you are my girl forever and always. you lifted my spirit to new heights and taught me what it means to truely love. you are so big and so pretty, and i hope you are eating good food wherever you are. i miss you everyday, and so do your sister babies! i feel your spirit all around me and watching over me. your soul is so kind, gentle, and rejoiceful! thank you for everything you did for me in the time we had together. i look foward to kssing your butt again someday!

Rest In Peace Gaius

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