Foofy Anne White

1 Jan 2009

21 Feb 2020

Type: Dog

Breed: Chihuahua

Sex: Female

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How Foofy Anne White came into our lives

FoofyAnne came to us in the Super Best way ever. She was one of three puppies that Lily Nicole had , Antonio her big brother, Mimi a big sister, & last the littlest FoofyAnne. She got the nick name Peanut. They were born the beginning of the year, the best New Years Gift!!


What was Foofy Anne White like as a pet?

She was very SWEET she loved meeting new people and getting pets.

Pink Flower

Our favorite memory with Foofy Anne White

As FoofyAnne aged up she developed problems swallowing her food so she had to be put on a special diet and hand fed. During feeding & watering we really enjoyed being close. Also she was really funny when it was bath time she would always try to escape, and we would laugh and say" We have a Runner"

Lakeside Scene

What were Foofy Anne White's favorite activities?

getting dressed, running up & down the stairs & thru the house (The Zoomies) running with her Mommy Lily (White Lightning,& Brown Sugar that was their racing names).Watching TV, having stories read,, hiding under her blanket then sticking her head out to play peek-a-boo. Suggling up with her Mom

Final Words 1

Final words for Foofy Anne White

I am so Sorry you missed your Mommy so much that you needed to be with her. I knew the way you would look at her pictures, and look around the house for her. My heart breaks everytime I think about you. I Miss & Love you so much but I take comfort in knowing your with your Mother and you 2 are running and playing together. I can't wait until we are all together again, One big Happy family...Hugs and Kisses I LOVE You!

Rest In Peace Foofy Anne White

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