27 Jul 2009

9 Jun 2021

Type: Dog

Breed: Pug

Sex: Male

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How Samson came into our lives

Samson was my first sole dog, just owned by me. I got him from a lovely lady who bred pugs, she had 4 of her own,


What was Samson like as a pet?

Samson, was a very happy pug, he was so naughty when he was young. Samson was so protective of me & didn’t keep people at first, then he gave them the ok.

Green Leaves

Our favorite memory with Samson

One of my favourite memories of Samson was at the beach, He loved swimming at the bay beaches, more calm, He would swim around, he looked so pleased with himself, He would often sit on my tummy when I was trying to sun bake, ha, ha..


What were Samson's favorite activities?

Eating Walking Car rides Swimming Siting on me

Final Words 1

Final words for Samson

Samson, you bought me so much joy, we did everything together. I have so many amazing memories of our time together. I miss you sooooo much, I know you are no longer in pain. You were a strong boy & never complained. as you lived the last 2 years with cancer You are FOREVER in my heart. I LOVE YOU 💕🌈💕🌈xxxxxxx

Rest In Peace Samson

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1 comment

Athena Franks

Samson loved snuggling up to me. 💕💕

16 Aug 2021 at 6:14 am

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