12 Jan 2009

25 Aug 2020

Type: Dog

Sex: Male

How Myles came into our lives

Myles was the son of Prosper, a Golden Retriever my then boyfriend and I got when we moved in together. We had 1st pick of the litter, and we went and watched the puppies several times before choosing Myles. Prosper was very high strung but Myles was a very laidback puppy. He was to be our family puppy but from the very beginning, he was my boy. When we split up a few years later, there was no question that Myles was going with me.


What was Myles like as a pet?

Myles was sweet, sensitive and very empathetic. He became my emotional support animal before I even knew I needed one. He was the same with others too, instinctively approaching a child wIth special needs or a frail adult accordingly. He was such a happy guy. He loved people and never tired of attention. Everyone loved Myles. He was just “one of those”. Even his vet told me that Myles was a special breed, and you seldom saw ones such as him anymore.

Green Leaves

Our favorite memory with Myles

Only one? As a puppy he would sleep sprawled against his father. When Prosper got up and moved, Myles would wake up and half asleep go find Prosper again, flop back down on him and immediately be asleep again. His whole life he loved to roll and shimmy on his back, in the grass with his grumbly noises or in winter making snow angels. At our farmer’s market, he made friends w the gourmet cheese seller. Myles would patiently join the line in front of his booth,waiting. He was always well rewarded


What were Myles's favorite activities?

Myles loved to lie in the sun. We have a picture of him at the beach,on his back sunbathing in between my bikinied daughters, Belly rubs were his absolute favorite. My f-I-l decided to see if he could outlast Myles and laid on the floor w him giving pats and belly rubs. My f-I-l gave up after a few hours. Mostly though, whether he was being paid attention to or not, Myles was good as long as he was w me.


Final words for Myles

Myles, my sweet, sweet boy. It’s been one year ago today that we said goodbye. It would be hard to forget the date no matter but coming on my birthday changes the day. I’m trying to figure out how to celebrate your life and the love we shared on a day meant to celebrate mine. I will get there. Maybe not today. But some day I hope to be able to look at pictures of your sweet, beautiful face, and let myself stay w it long enough to get past the pain and remember my happy, bestest buddy w gratitude

Rest In Peace Myles

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