17 Aug 2002

27 Dec 2017

Type: Dog

Breed: Other

Sex: Female

dog bowl

How Pepper came into our lives

We were looking for a second dog to be a playmate for our border collie, Dakota. A search on PetFinder found Pepper in a foster home. The rescue group had found her tied outside at the end of a long driveway. Her owner didn't want her. She was only 7 months old and it was a freezing cold day in Michigan. Her foster Mom brought Pepper to visit our Dakota and there was no doubt they were meant to be best friends. They were together here in their forever home for 15 years.


What was Pepper like as a pet?

Pepper was energetic and adored her housemate. The 3 of us walked together several times a day. She didn't need to be on a leash. Pepper was a very quiet dog. Usually her barks were more like whisper barks. She and her "big brother" would sit for hours and watch squirrels playing outside. She hated having her toenails clipped and she LOVED to eat! She was especially fond of small children. She slept in bed with my husband & I.

Green Leaves

Our favorite memory with Pepper

Snuggling in bed together!

Lakeside Scene

What were Pepper's favorite activities?

Shadowing her "big brother", Dakota around everywhere and also chasing squirrels, chipmunks or other furry critters. She also loved going for car rides and eating. She never met a squeaky toy she didn't destroy and loved playing keep away with Dakota by having him chase her around the kitchen island.


Final words for Pepper

Baby girl, I am so thankful you came into our lives. Watching you & Dakota play together was so enjoyable. The two of you were best friends and I pray you are with him now at the Rainbow Bridge. My greatest wish is that the 3 of us will someday be reunited for eternity. I will never ever forget all the happy years we spent together. I still love you with all my heart!

Rest In Peace Pepper

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