20 Feb 2010

3 Nov 2022

Type: Dog

Breed: Mixed Breed

Sex: Male

dog paw

How Spock came into our lives

My wife and I found him in a humane society and he was the first pet we ever got. We were dating at the time and he has been with us all that time. I miss my best bud.


What was Spock like as a pet?

He was so eager to please. He tried desperately to understand what you wanted and to do it. He just loved us and wanted us to be happy.

Green Leaves

Our favorite memory with Spock

He tattled on his brother. I was doing a project in the back of the house when he came running back and started acting really strange he wanted me to follow him so i did, into the living room where his little brother had climbed on top of the coffee table and was eating human food. I still cannot believe he understood that the other guy shouldn’t be doing that and then came and told on him to me.


What were Spock's favorite activities?

He loved walks and food. He had toy squirrels he used to love to fetch. Belly rubs (of course). When he was young he loved tug of war and chasing laser pointers. As he got older he mostly just wanted attention and love. And peanut butter.

Final words for Spock

I love you buddy. I miss you. You are the best boy anyone could have hoped to have in their lives. I hope you are happy and at peace.

Rest In Peace Spock

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