Chancellor (Chance)

18 Nov 2010

9 Sep 2021

Type: Dog

Breed: Shih Tzu

Sex: Male

dog paw

How Chancellor (Chance) came into our lives

We found our little man abandoned up here on mountain road. He was in rough shape, had lost an eye and was pretty dirty and skinny. We tried to find owners, but within a day, we loved him.


What was Chancellor (Chance) like as a pet?

Such a good dog. He truly loved this mountain and loved exploring it. Little guy, but he was a toughie.

Pink Flower

Our favorite memory with Chancellor (Chance)

Listening to his little snores, his popcorn smelling feet.


What were Chancellor (Chance)'s favorite activities?

Chance loved to be outside, no matter how hot it was. He loved going on his walk abouts, which got him into trouble a few times. He hated getting his hair trimmed or a bath.


Final words for Chancellor (Chance)

I know you're happy and healthy now. Your with Cinder and Madison and nan. Just know mommy and daddy love you forever and we will be together again.

Rest In Peace Chancellor (Chance)

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Chancellor (Chance)

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