15 May 2023

3 Feb 2023

Type: Dog

Breed: Shih Tzu

Sex: Female

dog collar

How Lexi came into our lives

We went to see Lexi at a farm in Staffordshire as soon as we saw her we knew she was the one, she has brought so much joy and happiness in our lives


What was Lexi like as a pet?

Lexi so so much fun, very happy little girl, Lexi was my best friend. Lexi loved going for walks. Wherever I was in the house Lexi would follow

Pink Flower

Our favorite memory with Lexi

Lying in bed tonight at night cuddling up in her favourite blanket, until it was time for my husband to put her in her own bed by the side of ours


What were Lexi's favorite activities?

Lexi loved going to see my mum and her dog Tilly then go on walks together

pine branch

Final words for Lexi

Lexi I am so sorry we had to take you the vets but you were in so much pain. I love you so much and I am heartbroken and I always will. You are in a little urn I take you up nannies still and you sit next to me on my bedside locker at night. Sweet dreams Princess x

Rest In Peace Lexi

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