24 Aug 2004

20 Jun 2016

Type: Dog

Breed: Pomeranian

Sex: Male

dog bowl

How Bear came into our lives

Bear-Bear was my very first Pomeranian and the reason I fell in love with the breed.


What was Bear like as a pet?

Bear-Bear was the perfect dog! I could take him anywhere and he would never leave my side. He was so gentle, I could take him around the smallest of children, they would tug on him, sometimes bite him if they were teething and he would never get aggressive. He would just run to the safety of mom's arms and he would be ok.

Green Leaves

Our favorite memory with Bear

Taking him camping, he loved it so much as you can see by the picture.

Lakeside Scene

What were Bear's favorite activities?

He loved to run through tall grass, it wasn't really running though. He would bounce straight up in the air so he could see where he was going. He looked like a rabbit. It was so cute!

pine branch

Final words for Bear

I love and miss you so very much Bear-Bear! You are beautiful and the best dog I've ever had! I hope you and Daddy are together in heaven, I miss you both!

Rest In Peace Bear

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