Gracie Lynn

9 Jul 2003

15 May 2017

Type: Dog

Breed: Poodle

Sex: Female

dog bowl

How Gracie Lynn came into our lives

My daughter brought her home when she was six weeks old and put her on my chest as I was sleeping and asked if we could get her. How could I say no?


What was Gracie Lynn like as a pet?

Gracie was very playful and super smart. She understood what we said and never ceased to amaze me for the fourteen years she was my girl. We did everything together.

Pink Flower

Our favorite memory with Gracie Lynn

When she insisted on picking up a tiny frog even after I told her it would "pee" in her mouth. Oh the faces she made. Every memory of her is a favorite of mine except the day I had to euthanize her. I cry at the thought to this day.


What were Gracie Lynn's favorite activities?

Riding with me in the car, going to see her mom mom, sharing my food, getting belly rubs and treats and kissing her favorite hoomans.

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Final words for Gracie Lynn

Gracie, my baby baby, mommy loves you and misses you desperately.

Rest In Peace Gracie Lynn

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