4 Jul 2002

28 Nov 2019

Type: Dog

Breed: Border Collie

Sex: Male

dog collar

How Dakota came into our lives

His former owner adopted him at 3 months, but had to rehome him at 8 months because she was moving to a place that didn't allow dogs. A coworker of ours knew that owner and told us about Dakota needing a new home quickly. The dog we had prior to Dakota had passed just weeks before and our house seemed so empty. We jumped at the chance to give Dakota his forever home. I miss my boy SO MUCH, even though we have adopted another border collie.


What was Dakota like as a pet?

Dakota was such a sweet boy. He was actually half border collie and half black lab. He had the black & white coloring of a BC, but had short hair. He was so playful and we knew almost immediately after adopting him that he would need a playmate. So we adopted another dog. Pepper lived to be 15 years old and passed 11 months before Dakota. Once she was gone, his health seemed to deteriorate quickly. Losing both of them in such a short span was doubly heartbreaking.

Pink Flower

Our favorite memory with Dakota

Daily walks around our 7 acres is what I remember most.....morning, afternoon & evening.


What were Dakota's favorite activities?

Playing with his housemate, Pepper, chewing bones, and chasing squirrels.

pine branch

Final words for Dakota

Although I've loved every dog I've ever owned, you were the one who took the biggest part of my heart when you passed, Kota Boy. I pray that you & Pepper will be there at the Rainbow Bridge waiting patiently for me to take you across to be together for eternity. Love you to the moon!

Rest In Peace Dakota

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