16 Mar 2019

2 May 2021

Type: Other

Breed: Goat

Sex: Female

How Red came into our lives

I bought Fed Feather from a girl in 4h after she was done showing her. I drove 2 hours to my husband's camp site so he could show all his friends I bought a goat, and I don't think he believed I actually did. She lived in my house for 2 weeks, I slept with her and every morning like clock work at 3 am she would wake me up for pets. Eventually she moved outside. She had two sets of babies for me and wad always my go to girl. I will forever miss her.


What was Red like as a pet?

Sweet and sassy. She was my herd queen. Very demanding for scratches in the places she wanted to be scratched. Followed me around like a puppy.

Pink Flower

Our favorite memory with Red

Sitting in her pen and her always coming over and laying down next to me and just petting her.


What were Red's favorite activities?

Eating. Always eating.

pine branch

Final words for Red

You were the best of the best. You gave me the world. I will love and miss you forever.

Rest In Peace Red

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